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Two weeks ago... Part 3 a.k.a. In conclusion

Ok - so by now, you've heard the saga of Chip and the Corolla.

A few weeks ago, I felt like I was having a rough day. If you haven't read Part 1 or Part 2 of this blog yet, it will help put this all into context.

With that - I know that we're all busy, so I'll sum it up to say, my dog had to have surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, and my car died. On the same day. And I love them both.

Today's post is about what happened just after these events...

In the minutes following, I hopped on a train to Brooklyn, and started working on a new CD.

Yep. A little bit weepy, and a lot stressed-out, I went to work. Because that's what you do.

You have a rough day? You go to work.

You have a great day? You go to work. 

My friend, Chris, is producing my next CD, and is a dog lover. (We're working at his new studio, which is beautiful, and I'll be sure to show videos and photos next time.) So, he totally understood that I was upset.

I arrived at the studio, trying to hold it all together, and told Chris what was going on.

He paused, gave me a sad smile, and said, 'Ok, so...let's make some f***ing great music.' 

That did it. It broke the sad and scared spell.

I laughed, he laughed, and we did.

We went to work.

And the songs that we worked on sound amazing. And I can't wait for you to hear them.

So here's the thing. 

Sometimes sad, unfortunate or scary things happen.

Your dog has cancer.

Your car dies.

And then there's a silver lining.

The surgery that you hoped would work, saved your dog. You realize how much you've learned from your dog, and you're grateful.

You got a new beautiful car. You think back on the hundreds of thousands of miles that your other car supported you through, and you're grateful.

And at the end of each day, whether it's a great day or a terrible one, I make music. With people that I know, like and trust. It's my job, and it is awesome.

Coming to this realization, after my emotional roller coaster of dogs, cars and studios... I started laughing as I hopped into the shower the following morning.

Not like, crazy person laughing, just a chuckle.

Because I thought to myself: "Well, today is going to be better, and if it isn't...I'm sure it will be fine."

So there we have it.

Healthy dog.

New car.

And new understanding of how things are really never that bad.

One final first road trip ever in my Corolla, back in 2004 when it was brand new...I landed in Colorado.

And yesterday, I finished driving, and this morning, I'm typing to you on my first road trip in my new car...from Colorado.

Seems like this is all working out just fine.





I talk about this idea a lot- the idea of chosen family. Spending time with people that you love whether you're linked legally/genetically/adoptively/etc- that's your family. So some people are your family and some people are your chosen or soul family. It's all good. It's all family.

What's so cool in my family, is that I choose them!

We're cut from the same proverbial cloth.

So Friday night, when five of my flights on two different airlines were cancelled, and I was faced with either canceling two shows or driving through the night to make it on time- guess who made the roadie with me??

Good ole mom and dad.

And it's been an adventure.

We've had a lot of laughs, there's been some backseat driving, and we've mastered the most efficient way to swap drivers/get gas/use the restroom.

And as a team- as a chosen and born family, we've made a road trip in 16 hours, that requires well...16.5.

And arriving at gig #1 for the day, Gaby was there with a list of things that I was hoping to have time to prepare (which is why I was flying in a day early, United & American) but didn't. Life-saving.

I made it to the CT Folk Fest stage with five minutes to spare- with a lot of hugs and a lot of, 'I can't believe you made it!', and just as we started, the rain joined in...

So after a brief rain delay, we played our set- and I had to take off for my next adventure.

We drove through the rain to Teaneck, NJ, where I was playing a Pete Seeger Tribute at the Puffin Foundation. With only slight rain delays, I pulled up to the door, walked in, and got started- yet another perfectly timed entrance.

Did I mention that we're driving back to

So my family rocks. I am so lucky and so grateful. And I hope I get to return these favors.

Love to you and yours, Kristen

5 am. Somewhere in Ohio!


Made it!!

California Day 7 (driving and Las Vegas)

I was sad to leave Los Angeles yesterday, but I love road trips and I was so excited to get to see a part of the country that I've never seen before! The drive has been amazing so far. Huge sky, and incredible mountains.


A lot of times when I have a long driving day I catch up on phone calls, listen to music I've been meaning to download, and listen to audio books.

When my eyes start to get a little droopy, I'll take out my sneakers and go for a quick jog.

I wasn't tired at all yesterday, so when I got to Las Vegas I decided that a really great way to see the main strip would be to run on it!

One thing I though was odd...

Casinos apparently like you to believe that you're somewhere other than Las Vegas. Perhaps Paris or New York, for example.



A few other things I noticed-

The entire city has music playing out of the bushes, and it's very loud.

Parking is free.

There are a lot of billboards for divorce lawyers.

After my run, I decided I needed to at least play one slot machine, and decided that Caesar's Palace was clearly the place for me.


I don't mean to be a jerk, but I wasn't really that into it. People were smoking around me, the lights and noise were making me feel a little crazy, and to be honest it was smaller than if expected.

But, not all was lost.

I put in $1 at the penny slots, and yep- cashed out with $1.04.

I don't know what I'll do with my winnings yet, but I'm thinking about some kind of investment.

I'll keep you posted.

Off to Denver today! Kristen

Ps...maybe now that I'm a few states away, I should stop referring to this purely as a California trip?

Lovin' Louisville

I'm typing this during my last set break (sitting in the shade because these Connecticut arms haven't seen the sun in a looooong time) at the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair in Louisville, because I just wanted to express how much I love this town! I first came to Louisville a few years ago, because it sounded like it would be fun.

Then, because things tend to work out this way, I found out via Facebook that my friend, Lindsey had moved here.

Thanks to Lindsey and her friends, I have made so many wonderful connections, and have performed so many fun shows in this town. It is easily one of my favorite tour stops.

And as if things couldn't get any better, it's a beautiful day, there are tons of wonderful & kind people around me, I'm at an awesome art fair...I'm also singing in front of this...


Love from Louisville, Kristen

Family, friends and feeling safe

I travel a lot. I love the road for many many reasons; I enjoy driving, I love seeing new towns, meeting new people, enjoying new food and restaurants, it's all wonderful.

Hands down, my favorite part of touring and traveling (besides the singing) is getting to reconnect and visit with friends.

I get to see my friends and family around the country pretty often- and I book tours through towns where they are. When they move- my tour shifts. It's pretty great.

I don't stay in hotels many nights because I usually stay with folks on the road- and though I love hotels, I rest so well when I stay with friends.

I have a theory on this.

I think I rest well in part, because we stay up late talking, laughing and sharing stories, so I go to bed feeling really happy.

And as cheesy as it sounds, the other part is, I go to bed feeling really safe.

I'm with my family, whether they're my actual or chosen family, and there's no safer place to be.

I am a lucky and happy girl.

Be safe, and enjoy your family this weekend, Kristen