Quick reflections...

Just some quick thoughts from my first European tour!

- if all cheese tasted like French cheese, I never would have become a vegan

- Europeans have awesome shoes and beautiful scarves

- you can get a SUPER DELICIOUS glass of wine anywhere in Barcelona for about $2

- pretzels in Frankfurt make pretzels in NYC seem like they taste like cardboard

- it's super frustrating being somewhere and not speaking the language

- smiling at someone and saying thank you in their language can go a really long way

- Europeans don't judge you for drinking at lunch (in fact, they may judge you if you don't have a beer/glass of wine...)

- walking everywhere is really fun, and allows you to see where you really are

- you can make friends everywhere

- The Just Be Nice Party is now international!! (too bad Repubs and Dems can't say the same!)

- fall is still my favorite season...regardless of what country I'm in

California reflections...

So here's what I've learned about traveling to new places: You romanticize a place when you only visit once in a while.

You can find your people anywhere.

You can find jerks anywhere.

Being a musician, or having a job that let's you travel and reconnect with friends is awesome.

I love the west coast.

I still love the east coast, I just know it better, so the flaws stick out a bit more.

When I see something in someone's house that I think is awesome and a great idea- I'm going to steal it from now on. :)

And here are my favorite photos from the trip:

Windy San Francisco.

20140529-122638-44798009.jpg Redwood Park

20140529-122657-44817677.jpg Oakland pups

20140529-122905-44945922.jpg Trails in Ojai

20140529-122824-44904955.jpg Beach time

20140529-122955-44995368.jpg Baby seal in Santa Barbara

20140529-123028-45028153.jpg Devil's Canyon in Utah

20140529-123307-45187626.jpg Crazy jogging path in San Rafael Reef, also Utah

20140529-123401-45241407.jpg San Rafael Reef (worth the scary jog for the photo)

20140529-123441-45281747.jpg My friend, Holly, had the most beautiful setting for her wedding!

20140529-123539-45339197.jpg Cows in Fort Collins


I also romanticize my hometown. Now that I no longer live in Green Bay, I love it. You know, absence makes...


That's what I have for now. Why do you love to travel and see new places?