Two weeks ago... Part 3 a.k.a. In conclusion

Ok - so by now, you've heard the saga of Chip and the Corolla.

A few weeks ago, I felt like I was having a rough day. If you haven't read Part 1 or Part 2 of this blog yet, it will help put this all into context.

With that - I know that we're all busy, so I'll sum it up to say, my dog had to have surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, and my car died. On the same day. And I love them both.

Today's post is about what happened just after these events...

In the minutes following, I hopped on a train to Brooklyn, and started working on a new CD.

Yep. A little bit weepy, and a lot stressed-out, I went to work. Because that's what you do.

You have a rough day? You go to work.

You have a great day? You go to work. 

My friend, Chris, is producing my next CD, and is a dog lover. (We're working at his new studio, which is beautiful, and I'll be sure to show videos and photos next time.) So, he totally understood that I was upset.

I arrived at the studio, trying to hold it all together, and told Chris what was going on.

He paused, gave me a sad smile, and said, 'Ok, so...let's make some f***ing great music.' 

That did it. It broke the sad and scared spell.

I laughed, he laughed, and we did.

We went to work.

And the songs that we worked on sound amazing. And I can't wait for you to hear them.

So here's the thing. 

Sometimes sad, unfortunate or scary things happen.

Your dog has cancer.

Your car dies.

And then there's a silver lining.

The surgery that you hoped would work, saved your dog. You realize how much you've learned from your dog, and you're grateful.

You got a new beautiful car. You think back on the hundreds of thousands of miles that your other car supported you through, and you're grateful.

And at the end of each day, whether it's a great day or a terrible one, I make music. With people that I know, like and trust. It's my job, and it is awesome.

Coming to this realization, after my emotional roller coaster of dogs, cars and studios... I started laughing as I hopped into the shower the following morning.

Not like, crazy person laughing, just a chuckle.

Because I thought to myself: "Well, today is going to be better, and if it isn't...I'm sure it will be fine."

So there we have it.

Healthy dog.

New car.

And new understanding of how things are really never that bad.

One final first road trip ever in my Corolla, back in 2004 when it was brand new...I landed in Colorado.

And yesterday, I finished driving, and this morning, I'm typing to you on my first road trip in my new car...from Colorado.

Seems like this is all working out just fine.




California reflections...

So here's what I've learned about traveling to new places: You romanticize a place when you only visit once in a while.

You can find your people anywhere.

You can find jerks anywhere.

Being a musician, or having a job that let's you travel and reconnect with friends is awesome.

I love the west coast.

I still love the east coast, I just know it better, so the flaws stick out a bit more.

When I see something in someone's house that I think is awesome and a great idea- I'm going to steal it from now on. :)

And here are my favorite photos from the trip:

Windy San Francisco.

20140529-122638-44798009.jpg Redwood Park

20140529-122657-44817677.jpg Oakland pups

20140529-122905-44945922.jpg Trails in Ojai

20140529-122824-44904955.jpg Beach time

20140529-122955-44995368.jpg Baby seal in Santa Barbara

20140529-123028-45028153.jpg Devil's Canyon in Utah

20140529-123307-45187626.jpg Crazy jogging path in San Rafael Reef, also Utah

20140529-123401-45241407.jpg San Rafael Reef (worth the scary jog for the photo)

20140529-123441-45281747.jpg My friend, Holly, had the most beautiful setting for her wedding!

20140529-123539-45339197.jpg Cows in Fort Collins


I also romanticize my hometown. Now that I no longer live in Green Bay, I love it. You know, absence makes...


That's what I have for now. Why do you love to travel and see new places?

California Day 11 (really Ft. Collins and Denver)

Yesterday started off with a jog past some cows! I thought that was a pretty great way to start the day.


After singing at a local Methodist church (one that just organized a counter protest to the Westboro Baptist church- so yeah- they're pretty great!) I got to share lunch (an awesome falafel) with my friend Christy.

It is so cool to connect with people that knew me when I was still a teenager. There's something fun about being with someone who's seen you grow up. And has grown up with you!

I finished my last concert last night- a nice low-key living room show at my friend, Karissa's house. The conversations with guests went late into the night with a lot of laughs. It was the perfect way to finish up the trip.

I'm blogging from the plane, and will keep you posted on my upcoming shows in Green Bay!


Thanks CA and CO friends for an amazing trip, Kristen