house concert

California Day 11 (really Ft. Collins and Denver)

Yesterday started off with a jog past some cows! I thought that was a pretty great way to start the day.


After singing at a local Methodist church (one that just organized a counter protest to the Westboro Baptist church- so yeah- they're pretty great!) I got to share lunch (an awesome falafel) with my friend Christy.

It is so cool to connect with people that knew me when I was still a teenager. There's something fun about being with someone who's seen you grow up. And has grown up with you!

I finished my last concert last night- a nice low-key living room show at my friend, Karissa's house. The conversations with guests went late into the night with a lot of laughs. It was the perfect way to finish up the trip.

I'm blogging from the plane, and will keep you posted on my upcoming shows in Green Bay!


Thanks CA and CO friends for an amazing trip, Kristen

California Day 10 (really Fort Collins, CO)

Yesterday was yet another great day on this trip. I spent time walking along a beautiful river with my friend Karissa (after we all slept in, which was awesome) and then made it to the big REI store.



For some reason, I feel the need to go to REI every year. And almost every year I buy a new water bottle. I really don't know what the deal is with that, but I decided to share.


Then we all took off for Fort Collins, where my friend, Christy lives.

Christy and I reconnected on my tour last year (we went to college together), and I'm so happy that we get to spend time together.

Her family is awesome, she lives in a beautiful spot, and we always have a great visit.

This morning I'm singing at the church where she works. We'll be doing some sing-alongs (one of Pete's), and I'll perform some of my songs before heading back off to Denver!

Have a beautiful long weekend, Kristen

California Day 4 (Golden Gate, Modesto and lots of driving)

Yesterday morning I got up early (unlikely, I know) to go and see the Golden Gate Bridge before leaving Oakland and San Francisco. It was so worth it! It's pretty windy in this photo, so I actually had to hold my dreads down...


There's a quote, often attributed to Mark Twain, 'the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.' It was chilly and all, but obviously whoever said this never spent a winter in South Dakota.

Anyway, the views were amazing and totally worth suffering through the crazy road blocks thanks to a crazy costumed event called Beta Breakers.


After a three day stay with my friends at Camp Williams, I took off for Modesto. I met wonderful people, and it wasn't as boiling hot as everyone warned it would be!


I'm pretty sure this photo is of me talking about Pete Seeger...


I arrived at my friends' house last night in Ojai where they left me sweet notes because they knew I'd be arriving late and tired! Today we'll be checking out the town and the farm they live on. More adventures to come!


California Day 3 (Redwood Adventure)

I don't know if you've been to California before, but the trees are different. I wanted to check them out a bit, so yesterday my friend, Matt took me on a hike in Redwood park in Oakland. It was amazing!

(We also brought three dogs.)

The trees were amazing and so tall, and I had to remind myself to look down so that I wouldn't trip.



And of course, you all know how I feel about dogs. It was great to have them along.


We were having a blast and it was so gorgeous and then we realized that we hadn't seen one of the dogs in a while. (Ella) We backtracked, and still, nothing.

Long story short- Ella had lost her way and was freaked. A kind hiker took one look at the howling dog and realized she was lost. We got her back and didn't even have to start the show late!

The house show was awesome (I want to move to Oakland now) and I met so many wonderful people. We laughed, shared stories, and sang together.

Even the dogs hung around to listen! (This is Angus- he stayed at my feet for a while.)


I love many things about house shows- the listening environment, the no-electricity vibe, the sing-alongs, I love it all. But I think I love the conversations the most.

I love talking with people and sharing each other's stories, I really think it's the best.

Oakland stole my heart yesterday! Kristen