California Day 4 (Golden Gate, Modesto and lots of driving)

Yesterday morning I got up early (unlikely, I know) to go and see the Golden Gate Bridge before leaving Oakland and San Francisco. It was so worth it! It's pretty windy in this photo, so I actually had to hold my dreads down...


There's a quote, often attributed to Mark Twain, 'the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.' It was chilly and all, but obviously whoever said this never spent a winter in South Dakota.

Anyway, the views were amazing and totally worth suffering through the crazy road blocks thanks to a crazy costumed event called Beta Breakers.


After a three day stay with my friends at Camp Williams, I took off for Modesto. I met wonderful people, and it wasn't as boiling hot as everyone warned it would be!


I'm pretty sure this photo is of me talking about Pete Seeger...


I arrived at my friends' house last night in Ojai where they left me sweet notes because they knew I'd be arriving late and tired! Today we'll be checking out the town and the farm they live on. More adventures to come!