California Day 5 (Ojai)

I arrived in Ojai on Sunday night, so I couldn't exactly see my surroundings very well. When I woke up yesterday morning I was blown away by the mountains. What a beautiful city!


I had the day to catch up on some work, but I also wanted to explore a bit. From what I can tell, Ojai is a super cute town with boutique shops and lots of hiking.

My favorite store (and this is why I need to stop buying them) was an outdoor bookstore called Bart's Books. I had so much fun looking through everything. All of the books are used, and from what I understand the store started as a stand that was just run on the honor system, and books cost 35 cents.

It was really cool.


After working and browsing, I found an amazing hiking trail at the foot of the mountains. The only thing that freaked me out was that they had a sign warning me of mountain lions. So I didn't go too far on any one trail.

And this path was just too beautiful to pass up.


I played last night at the Deer Lodge, and a friend from Florida came out to hear me! It's always so cool to see familiar faces in new places! Anyway, the show was fun, the food was great, and on my way home, I passed by this liquor store.

I think liquor stores across the country should adopt this name. It's so brilliant.


Off to the beach and LA today to catch up with a friend from high school!

And FYI, I typed this entire blog on my phone with a cat smushing his face into my hand the entire time. I'm developing some very useful talents on this tour.

Have a great day! Kristen's a picture of the crazy cat...