California Day 6 (Butterfly Beach and Los Angeles)

Yesterday was another beautiful sunny day out here in California. A friend of mine lives in Santa Barbara and offered to tour me around and walk the beach with me, which of course, I couldn't pass up since I'd been wanting to get my toes and dreads in the Pacific Ocean!

We walked the beach, I took photos of the beautiful spot, and before jumping in quickly (it was a little chilly) we saw a baby seal chillin on the beach! He was so so sooo cute, and pretty clumsy.





I then drove down to Los Angeles. I checked out Warner Brothers Studio (no, I didn't see Ellen this time- but I did see the building!), a beautiful observatory that looks over Los Angeles including the Hollywood sign, and then I spent the rest of the day wandering Hollywood Boulevard.

People are very smiley here and said hello even when I didn't know them, and I got tons of compliments on my hair (which was still drying out after the beach). Those are my Hollywood Blvd observations.







I graciously and humbly accepted my award for person of the year- I won't let this change me.

Last night I played at Pig 'n Whistle, had a great time, connected with a bunch of new people and got to catch up with friends!

One of my friends came that I haven't seen since high school! It was a blast to catch up, and it was pretty cool that the last time she heard me sing, it was my version of Tina Turner for the school variety show.


Today I start the drive to Denver. I'll be stopping along the way whenever I see something interesting, and I'll be sure to keep you posted on my whereabouts!

Have a great day, Kristen