California Day 7 (driving and Las Vegas)

I was sad to leave Los Angeles yesterday, but I love road trips and I was so excited to get to see a part of the country that I've never seen before! The drive has been amazing so far. Huge sky, and incredible mountains.


A lot of times when I have a long driving day I catch up on phone calls, listen to music I've been meaning to download, and listen to audio books.

When my eyes start to get a little droopy, I'll take out my sneakers and go for a quick jog.

I wasn't tired at all yesterday, so when I got to Las Vegas I decided that a really great way to see the main strip would be to run on it!

One thing I though was odd...

Casinos apparently like you to believe that you're somewhere other than Las Vegas. Perhaps Paris or New York, for example.



A few other things I noticed-

The entire city has music playing out of the bushes, and it's very loud.

Parking is free.

There are a lot of billboards for divorce lawyers.

After my run, I decided I needed to at least play one slot machine, and decided that Caesar's Palace was clearly the place for me.


I don't mean to be a jerk, but I wasn't really that into it. People were smoking around me, the lights and noise were making me feel a little crazy, and to be honest it was smaller than if expected.

But, not all was lost.

I put in $1 at the penny slots, and yep- cashed out with $1.04.

I don't know what I'll do with my winnings yet, but I'm thinking about some kind of investment.

I'll keep you posted.

Off to Denver today! Kristen

Ps...maybe now that I'm a few states away, I should stop referring to this purely as a California trip?