California Day 8 (Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado!)

Yesterday was a day full of driving and beautiful views. So this post will be mostly pictures... First up, I left my casino hotel in the morning (it just made me sad, there were already people sitting in the chairs punching buttons...I wanted to yell, 'It's morning! The sun is out!' But I needed to hit the road.

About five miles after starting out I crossed into Arizona- the rock colors were amazing...


I realized it was going to be a long day, so between snapping photos from my car window, I was also listening to Sarah Silverman's audio book, which is hilarious and offensive and wonderful, and I highly recommend it.

Before I knew it, I'd crossed into Utah!


Since I've never been to Utah, I took a lot of wrong turns to check things out.

My first wrong turn led to some cutie pie sheep and an amazing snow-capped mountain.



My next wrong turn took me down a dirt road because I wanted to try running at 8,000 feet. (It is hard.)

Here I am post-run. How could I not smile? Do you see where I was?


After that it was a stop at Devil's Canyon.


Then Ghost Rock.


Then this is the coolest jog I've ever taken- I was at The San Rafael Reef, where I jogged down this path...


To take these photos...



It was pretty windy, so I was afraid that a gust might knock me over (and therefore off) so I hustled back.

My last jog of the day was after I'd crossed into Colorado...


And it took me next to the Colorado River!


One last crazy was super cold in Vail- so cold there was a bunch of snow! So I obviously made a snowball.


And that was my Thursday! Now I'm off to song at Holly and Josh's wedding. Hooray!

Hope you get to celebrate love today too. :) Kristen