California Day 3 (Redwood Adventure)

I don't know if you've been to California before, but the trees are different. I wanted to check them out a bit, so yesterday my friend, Matt took me on a hike in Redwood park in Oakland. It was amazing!

(We also brought three dogs.)

The trees were amazing and so tall, and I had to remind myself to look down so that I wouldn't trip.



And of course, you all know how I feel about dogs. It was great to have them along.


We were having a blast and it was so gorgeous and then we realized that we hadn't seen one of the dogs in a while. (Ella) We backtracked, and still, nothing.

Long story short- Ella had lost her way and was freaked. A kind hiker took one look at the howling dog and realized she was lost. We got her back and didn't even have to start the show late!

The house show was awesome (I want to move to Oakland now) and I met so many wonderful people. We laughed, shared stories, and sang together.

Even the dogs hung around to listen! (This is Angus- he stayed at my feet for a while.)


I love many things about house shows- the listening environment, the no-electricity vibe, the sing-alongs, I love it all. But I think I love the conversations the most.

I love talking with people and sharing each other's stories, I really think it's the best.

Oakland stole my heart yesterday! Kristen