California Day 2

Have I mentioned that I'm really loving this trip? Yesterday (since I had slept a mere 2 hours the night before) I slept awesome and woke up to sunshine and dogs. Does it get better than that?

20140517-100445.jpg Charlie and Ella.

20140517-100514.jpg Angus.

I had the morning to get a bunch of work done, (the new cd goes to print on Monday) and enjoy an afternoon jog.

I used to live in Naugatuck, Connecticut, which I thought was the hilliest town for running...well, Oakland is right there with you. But my hosts suggested this route around a lake, and I just couldn't pass it up. It was pretty great.



20140517-100839.jpg Like I need a reminder to run slower...

Last night I sang at a diner in San Jose. I wasn't sure how I was going to fit in at a 50s diner, but things all started to make sense when I finally saw the menu. At this diner they offer things like a portobello burger topped with kale and peppers. (Which I ate...and destroyed.)


Checking out the menu and seeing people smile as they walked in for the show as I was setting up, made it seem like folk music wouldn't be so crazy in a place where the walls are lined with photos of Marilyn and Elvis.

It seems that I'm surrounded by hippies out here. I really like that.

Returning home last night, I hung out with my new friends and hosts, and I just kept thinking about how lucky I am.

I meet the most wonderful people. And I really wish that all of you could know each other.

Someday I'll figure out how to make that party happen.

Today is a hike, final album artwork, emails and a house show. I'll report back again tomorrow!

Have a great weekend, Kristen