California Day 1

Yesterday was my first ever day in California. Anyone that I told, from the cab driver to the rental car guy, to my hosts, to the other musicians at Bazaar Cafe immediately welcomed me.

I think all of this sun gets to people out here and makes them really happy. That's my first observation anyway.

PLUS- I had two surprise guests show up and freak me out! My friend Gordon from Connecticut was hanging out on the sidewalk when I arrived, and then my college friend Mike, who I haven't seen in nearly 10 years came. Talk about feeling at home.

Also- it's so strange to see people in different environments. I always think I'm imagining them.

In going to get out a bit more today and I'll report back on what I find!


20140516-120306.jpg The snow-capped Salt Lake City mountains

20140516-120421.jpg My beautiful accommodations in Oakland.

20140516-120430.jpg The pretty tree I saw as the first thing this morning!