Share The Love

I had an idea this year for Valentine's Day.

I thought it would be really nice to release a version of Swing, (the only love song I've written in a while...) for my mailing list.

Then I thought - why stop at a version of the song? Why not create a video for the song?

Then I started thinking about different things I could do - I had some nice ideas, some pretty thoughts, but then settled on the winner.


I decided that it would be great to include people's stories, your stories, of love.


So, I asked, and you responded.

With the most beautiful stories!


...There's the story of how a couple met on a blind date and has been married for 40 years.

...Or how a husband visits his wife struggling with dementia every single day. She doesn't know him, so he has to reintroduce himself at each lunch.

...A man told me of how his rescue dog saves him from chronic pain, even though doctors had told him there was no cure.

...A couple told me that they locked eyes from across the gym. (I guess working out does have benefits!)

...A friend told me about how much she loves her daughters, not just because she loves them and they're family, but because they all really like each other.


The stories are fantastic. Beautiful. Moving. Inspiring.


The world can use more love - actually - the world needs more love, so we're going to give it to them.

If you'd like to share your story and be a part of the music video, you can tell your story and send a video or photo to me:


Thanks for sharing the love!




California Day 11 (really Ft. Collins and Denver)

Yesterday started off with a jog past some cows! I thought that was a pretty great way to start the day.


After singing at a local Methodist church (one that just organized a counter protest to the Westboro Baptist church- so yeah- they're pretty great!) I got to share lunch (an awesome falafel) with my friend Christy.

It is so cool to connect with people that knew me when I was still a teenager. There's something fun about being with someone who's seen you grow up. And has grown up with you!

I finished my last concert last night- a nice low-key living room show at my friend, Karissa's house. The conversations with guests went late into the night with a lot of laughs. It was the perfect way to finish up the trip.

I'm blogging from the plane, and will keep you posted on my upcoming shows in Green Bay!


Thanks CA and CO friends for an amazing trip, Kristen

Family, friends and feeling safe

I travel a lot. I love the road for many many reasons; I enjoy driving, I love seeing new towns, meeting new people, enjoying new food and restaurants, it's all wonderful.

Hands down, my favorite part of touring and traveling (besides the singing) is getting to reconnect and visit with friends.

I get to see my friends and family around the country pretty often- and I book tours through towns where they are. When they move- my tour shifts. It's pretty great.

I don't stay in hotels many nights because I usually stay with folks on the road- and though I love hotels, I rest so well when I stay with friends.

I have a theory on this.

I think I rest well in part, because we stay up late talking, laughing and sharing stories, so I go to bed feeling really happy.

And as cheesy as it sounds, the other part is, I go to bed feeling really safe.

I'm with my family, whether they're my actual or chosen family, and there's no safer place to be.

I am a lucky and happy girl.

Be safe, and enjoy your family this weekend, Kristen