California Day 10 (really Fort Collins, CO)

Yesterday was yet another great day on this trip. I spent time walking along a beautiful river with my friend Karissa (after we all slept in, which was awesome) and then made it to the big REI store.



For some reason, I feel the need to go to REI every year. And almost every year I buy a new water bottle. I really don't know what the deal is with that, but I decided to share.


Then we all took off for Fort Collins, where my friend, Christy lives.

Christy and I reconnected on my tour last year (we went to college together), and I'm so happy that we get to spend time together.

Her family is awesome, she lives in a beautiful spot, and we always have a great visit.

This morning I'm singing at the church where she works. We'll be doing some sing-alongs (one of Pete's), and I'll perform some of my songs before heading back off to Denver!

Have a beautiful long weekend, Kristen