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Two weeks ago... Part 3 a.k.a. In conclusion

Ok - so by now, you've heard the saga of Chip and the Corolla.

A few weeks ago, I felt like I was having a rough day. If you haven't read Part 1 or Part 2 of this blog yet, it will help put this all into context.

With that - I know that we're all busy, so I'll sum it up to say, my dog had to have surgery to remove a cancerous tumor, and my car died. On the same day. And I love them both.

Today's post is about what happened just after these events...

In the minutes following, I hopped on a train to Brooklyn, and started working on a new CD.

Yep. A little bit weepy, and a lot stressed-out, I went to work. Because that's what you do.

You have a rough day? You go to work.

You have a great day? You go to work. 

My friend, Chris, is producing my next CD, and is a dog lover. (We're working at his new studio, which is beautiful, and I'll be sure to show videos and photos next time.) So, he totally understood that I was upset.

I arrived at the studio, trying to hold it all together, and told Chris what was going on.

He paused, gave me a sad smile, and said, 'Ok, so...let's make some f***ing great music.' 

That did it. It broke the sad and scared spell.

I laughed, he laughed, and we did.

We went to work.

And the songs that we worked on sound amazing. And I can't wait for you to hear them.

So here's the thing. 

Sometimes sad, unfortunate or scary things happen.

Your dog has cancer.

Your car dies.

And then there's a silver lining.

The surgery that you hoped would work, saved your dog. You realize how much you've learned from your dog, and you're grateful.

You got a new beautiful car. You think back on the hundreds of thousands of miles that your other car supported you through, and you're grateful.

And at the end of each day, whether it's a great day or a terrible one, I make music. With people that I know, like and trust. It's my job, and it is awesome.

Coming to this realization, after my emotional roller coaster of dogs, cars and studios... I started laughing as I hopped into the shower the following morning.

Not like, crazy person laughing, just a chuckle.

Because I thought to myself: "Well, today is going to be better, and if it isn't...I'm sure it will be fine."

So there we have it.

Healthy dog.

New car.

And new understanding of how things are really never that bad.

One final first road trip ever in my Corolla, back in 2004 when it was brand new...I landed in Colorado.

And yesterday, I finished driving, and this morning, I'm typing to you on my first road trip in my new car...from Colorado.

Seems like this is all working out just fine.




Valentine Video (#ShareTheLove)

Today is the day!

Today, I'm releasing a music video for my favorite love song I’ve ever written, ‘Swing’.


“Like a rope needs a swing...A bell needs to ring...I need you.”


I wrote this story on my way back to Minneapolis after singing at a wedding in Northern Minnesota. I actually wrote the entire thing sitting at a rest stop next to a huge statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.

I was in such a loving place.

I had just witnessed two people pledge to love each other forever. I had seen friends that I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade, I was just really happy, at peace, and felt a lot of love.

It’s so wonderful to feel love and give love.

And that’s how I wrote the song. 

The song ended up on my latest album, I’ve sung it at many weddings, and I’ve dedicated it to many different couples.

So, this year, I thought it would be so great to celebrate love OF ALL KINDS on Valentine’s Day.

I believe in given and chosen family, and I believe in many kinds of love, so I wanted this video to be about not only romantic love, I wanted it to be about family love, friend love, rescue pet love, ALL love. 

So, here we have it. That’s why this is happening.

And today is the day that you can click on a youtube link and see the many amazing and different ways that people love.

Here it is!

I hope you enjoy it!





Feeling energized...

After a great show, I flip out a little. I sing in my car, I smile to myself, I compliment myself ('that was great!'), I just feel so...wonderful.

It's a remarkable gift to be able to do what you love.

Recognizing what gives you energy instead of sucks it from you- incredible.

Thanks to the folks who came out to hear me this weekend in Salisbury and Willimantic. My dreams have come true, and I have you to thank.

Enjoy your weekends, and I hope to see you very soon.

Love, Kristen



Happy Birthday, Pete!

It's no secret...I'm a Pete Seeger fan. And why would I want that kept a secret?

Today would have been his 95th birthday and I think a great way to honor him is to be kind to one another- and sing a song or two with some friends!

Have a great weekend, and sing a song, Kristen



Here's a song you may enjoy, celebrating this amazing folk legend- I put the lyrics below the video so you can sing along. :)