I talk about this idea a lot- the idea of chosen family. Spending time with people that you love whether you're linked legally/genetically/adoptively/etc- that's your family. So some people are your family and some people are your chosen or soul family. It's all good. It's all family.

What's so cool in my family, is that I choose them!

We're cut from the same proverbial cloth.

So Friday night, when five of my flights on two different airlines were cancelled, and I was faced with either canceling two shows or driving through the night to make it on time- guess who made the roadie with me??

Good ole mom and dad.

And it's been an adventure.

We've had a lot of laughs, there's been some backseat driving, and we've mastered the most efficient way to swap drivers/get gas/use the restroom.

And as a team- as a chosen and born family, we've made a road trip in 16 hours, that requires well...16.5.

And arriving at gig #1 for the day, Gaby was there with a list of things that I was hoping to have time to prepare (which is why I was flying in a day early, United & American) but didn't. Life-saving.

I made it to the CT Folk Fest stage with five minutes to spare- with a lot of hugs and a lot of, 'I can't believe you made it!', and just as we started, the rain joined in...

So after a brief rain delay, we played our set- and I had to take off for my next adventure.

We drove through the rain to Teaneck, NJ, where I was playing a Pete Seeger Tribute at the Puffin Foundation. With only slight rain delays, I pulled up to the door, walked in, and got started- yet another perfectly timed entrance.

Did I mention that we're driving back to

So my family rocks. I am so lucky and so grateful. And I hope I get to return these favors.

Love to you and yours, Kristen

5 am. Somewhere in Ohio!


Made it!!