Nicaragua - Day 11 - Leon!

Today was amazing... But I have to keep this short because I'm getting up early tomorrow morning to meet an awesome poet, Ernesto Cardenal! 

This morning we were psyched to find out that we were featured in one of Nicaragua's largest papers!


After some master classes (I was asked to lead some vocal workshops on my next visit...guess I'm coming back!) we started getting ready for tonight's concert, which featured our Grand Community Choir of Nagarote.  

It was the kids' first tour!



They were psyched and did an amazing job. There were other bands and choirs tonight, and it was so cool seeing all of these musicians come together to celebrate music and art.  

It was like a mini-festival! 

At the end of the night it was time to say goodbye to our dear friends from Nagarote. Luckily, they all took a bus together, so I got to have a little 'goodbye train'.  

I'm already scheming my return trip... 


Tonight was awesome. It was an honor to sing a poem set to music by one of Nicaragua's favorite poets, in the park named after him.  

So- what do you do when you're in Ruben Dario's  park and the concert is done? 

Ruben Dario selfie! 


Goodnight / Buenas noches!