Nicaragua - Day 12 - Managua (Ernesto Cardenal)

So some may find yourself in Nicaragua. And on one of those days, you may find yourself face to face with a 90 year old poet named Ernesto Cardenal.

That would be my day today.

This morning, we were invited to come and sit with one of Nicaragua's most famous poets, and I was invited to sing a song for him. It's a musical setting of one of his poems, and it was an honor.

He was sweet, gracious, wore a cool beret and crocs.

When we asked him how long it took him to write this particular poem (video of me singing the song here) he said with a wave of his hand...'just a few minutes'.

Then he told us who the poem is about - all I have to say is - some woman named Claudia really missed out!

Anyway - that was the start of my day. Sitting with this professor of poetry.

Following that, we went to the city center in Managua to have a musical exchange with the Municipal Band. They were great!

I had to snap a photo, and some quick video of the group playing Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder. Bet Stevie never knew he had such a huge following in Managua, Nicaragua!

And tonight - I leave you with this. My latest travel session. I had an early evening, and thought you'd enjoy my friend, Paco Godoy's beautiful arrangement of Ernesto Cardenal's poem. (Lyrics and translation below.)

Tomorrow - I'll be on Nicaraguan television, and singing with Carlos Mejia Godoy - the (un)official troubadour of Nicaragua!


By Ernesto Cardenal:


Al perderte yo a ti, tú y yo hemos perdido
Yo, porque tú eras lo que yo más amaba,
Y tú, porque yo era el que te amaba más.
Pero de nosotros dos, tú pierdes más que yo:

Porque yo podré amar a otras como te amaba a ti,
Pero a ti no te amarán como te amaba yo.

Cuando los dorados jardines florecieron
Nosotros dos estabamos enamorados
Todavia guardan las rosas su aroma
Y nosotros ya somos dos extranos.


When I lost you, you and I both lost
I, because you were what I loved the most
And you, because I was the one who could love you most
Between the two of us, you lose more than me.

For I can love another as I loved you,
But no one will love you like I've loved you.

When the golden gardens bloomed
We were in love
The roses still have their aroma
But you and I are now strangers