Nicaragua - Day 10 - Nagarote farewell

Today was full of more music, more tours, and a good-bye to Nagarote…

The morning started off with a visit to SosteNica, Eco-Center, which is an amazing project in Nagarote, working to make farmers and small family gardens more sustainable and more productive.

It’s an incredible project, and you can check it out here.

One of the coolest things they showed me (besides the kitchen stoves, compostable toilets, and water capturing system) were these seed balls!

They’re little pods that you can just throw anywhere and things will grow! (You can also be organized and plant…but it sounds like so much fun to just throw seed balls everywhere.)

After that - I got a chance to see how people in Nagarote make quesillo - a traditional dish. I even tried a little.

It was awesome seeing tortillas and quesillo made right in front of my eyes. And it was made my serious professionals - these women learned from their mothers, who learned from their mothers, etc.

And last for today was a little thank you show from the kids at NicaPhoto. They gave us a performance - they danced, sang, and recited poetry. It was really beautiful.

To finish the show- my new friend, Katharine presented me with this beautiful necklace. I’ll be wearing it the next time you see me!

Tomorrow- a meeting with the mayor of Leon, and concert in Ruben Dario park (I’ll be singing a setting of one of his most famous poems!)