Nicaragua - Day 9 - Managua / Concert in Nagarote

So my morning started out like this...

For the record, I'd like that to become my every morning.

We started our day at the Flavio Galo School of Music in Managua for a master class/musical exchange and it was so great. People sang and played along, and it was a really interesting experience. Turns out - I'm a huge fan of the marimba!

After the class, we took off for Nagarote, and on our way - stopped for some photos featuring my latest obsession - Nicaragua's volcanos, Momotombo and Momotombito. Here I am with fellow singer/songwriter Lu Miranda. (We've been roommates this trip and have been harmonizing a lot!)


After some volcano photos (and stepping into the lake!) we were off to Nagarote for our first official Nicaraguan concert as the Intake Ensemble.

When we arrived, the kids were so excited and so ready. They came running up to us to show us their outfits, and to ask (for the millionth time) which song we were going to sing first. It was amazing to see how psyched and how proud they were.

You could see their eyes widen as the crowd grew and grew.

Given the fact that there was no sound system when we arrived (we were in the central park of town, so speakers were necessary), and that no one knew how to operate the lights - the fact that we started a mere hour late is some kind of miracle, I think.

The concert was awesome - people love the songs, sang along, and had a great time.

And the kids were spectacular. They sang their hearts out, the crowd adored them, and at the end of the night you could see how their self-confidence and pride had grown in just six songs.

The end of the night included autographs, many many photos, and lot of hugs.

I am smitten.

Nicaragua has a new fan.

More to come tomorrow.


ps…these girls put their hair in dreads just for tonight! So we took a rasta picture…