Nicaragua - Day 8 - Managua / Nagarote / Salsa

Today was our dress rehearsal! 

More members of the Intake Ensemble have arrived, and so today was full of band and choir rehearsals. It was a lot of fun, and I'm not gonna lie...we sound really good.

I'll make sure that we're getting lots of recordings and videos for you.

After singing, playing and sweating (it was another 100 degree day)...on a Saturday night in Managua, Nicaragua, really...what else can you do but go out salsa dancing?

Of course, I did something really special tonight in the club, and that's something that the locals call 'salsa watching'. 

I took a few steps here and there, but not on the REAL floor, because that felt too scary.

We were out with our new friend Nestor, who happens to be a dance teacher, so that was really cool. He danced with a lot of different people - and it was amazing! I couldn't believe that two people who were so in synch, and were moving so fluidly, had never met before.

It was this unspoken language, and it was really great to witness.

Of course, what do you do after a long day of rehearsals and salsa dancing? rehearse some more.

I'll tell you all about our first concert tomorrow!!