Branding > Boring

I attended a music business seminar recently, hosted by Ariel Hyatt and Michael Whalen. It was super informative, and even fun. (I try to go into events like this with no expectation, but definitely did not count on fun!) At the end of the day, Ariel asked us all to write a guest blog post if we were willing.

So I did.

The link to the post is here, and I hope that you find it informative and helpful. Basically, I just wanted to share about how I realized that branding is not boring.


The other thing that I learned that day? My mom & dad taught me well.

There was a rule in our house after our birthdays and holidays. Before we could play with any gifts that we had received, we had to write a thank you note. It became such a part of our ritual that my brother and I would oftentimes start the thank you note ahead of time...


Dear Grandma,

Thank you so much for the...


We figured that it would give us a jump start after the gift had been opened.

So, true to what I've learned, I sent Ariel and Michael thank you notes. I learned a lot from the seminar, and they offered it for free! How generous and supportive! I wanted them to know that I felt so grateful.

Both of them emailed me to let me know how rare it is for them to get thank you notes in the mail. And thanked me for thanking them.

If snail mail and thank you notes are your thing - embrace it! People are happy to hear from you, and to know that they've helped you. And remember - the world and folks around you don't owe you anything... Be. Grateful.

Just wanted to add that little bit. :)