Empowerment. #FORWARD

Empowerment is such a great word - just saying it, I feel, well…empowered! I met an amazingly energetic and kind woman named Jo-Ná Williams a few months ago. She’s a lawyer and an entrepreneurial coach. Quite a combo.

This year, she thought it would be cool to start off 2015 by offering folks an Artist Empowerment Challenge. I signed up, and I’ve been loving it.

This Challenge started with and has expanded upon the idea of choosing a word or theme for your year.

I love this!

I have a few friends who do this, my friend Cynthia even wrote a blog about it, and they all swear it’s better than having a new year’s resolution.

I had been thinking about this idea, so when choosing a word came up on the first day of the Challenge, I was prepared.

I went with FORWARD.

I know 2015 is going to be a great year for me. 2014 was great, and 2013 I opened for Pete Seeger, so yeah - that was awesome too.

I've started off 2015 with some great momentum, and I have a really good feeling about it. Even though I’ll have setbacks, and even though moving forward demands hard work, I will.

I will move forward,

I will think forward,

and I will keep my gaze forward.

This is not the year for me to be looking back, and it’s not the year for me to be dreaming about my future. I will be present and I will march on.

With this- I’ve decided on something else: I am no longer allowing mistakes to kill the flow of my momentum. (You shouldn't either!)

I’ve been guilty of this in the past. No more!

I’ll have a set back.

I’ll write a dumb song.

I’ll miss a workout.

And in the past, I'd have felt that all was lost.

That’s ridiculous!

This is the year that I will learn from my mistakes and I will move…FORWARD.

If you’re interested in this challenge, you can join anytime! The exercises only take a few minutes, and I’ve gotten a lot out of them already. You can get more information here if it sounds like your style.

As always - thanks for reading my blog, thanks for listening to my music, and thanks for your support!

See you as we move onward and forward, Kristen