Summer Tour 2010 - Days 26-28, St. Louis and Nashville

Hey there! So after a few busy days, I know I'm a little behind on my posts. This one is going to be a biggie, so be prepared!

First of all, on Friday, I got a chance to go to my grandmother's old house in Missouri. Now I know this is a little personal, and definitely was a nostalgic trip that meant most to me, but I thought you might like to see a place that means a lot to me. If not, just skip ahead. No hard feelings, I promise!

When I pulled up the driveway, I was so excited! I took a quick photo of the sky, because I thought it was so beautiful. It also smelled exactly as I remember...that humid country smell. I just love it.

And here's the video.

Later on that evening, I drove up to downtown St. Louis, and of course, had to snap a little photo of the arch!

I played that night with three other talented singer/songwriters, Beth Bombara, Andy Berkhout and Leslie Sanazaro. Here's the video from the evening.

Then yesterday (Saturday) I made the drive from St. Louis to Nashville. It was a pretty easy drive, but I did have to pull over for a few minutes so that I could rest a bit. This driving and singing is fun, but it can sure make me sleepy! Also, a huge milestone for this trip, I reached the 5,000 mile mark! I arrived in Nashville to Ugly Mugs, a coffee shop in East Nashville where I shared the night with my friend Benjamin Olson (we went to high school together!) and my new friends Rebecca Sayre and Rachel Pearl (part of a group called Sugarbeat). It was a lot of fun, so here's the video from the night.

After the show, I went out on the town with my friend, Ben.

We met some nice people, ate some good food, and had a lot of fun! Then today (my day off...thank goodness!) we went to Titan Stadium because they had opened it to show the final of the World Cup. We had a great time hanging out in the sun and watching some soccer.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Louisville, another new place for me, so I'm pretty excited to get there and check it out!

I'll leave you with this "artsy" photo of Nashville.

See you soon, K