Summer Tour 2010 - Day 29: Louisville

Another new city! I had a great time checking out Louisville yesterday - what an interesting city. Before I left Nashville, though, I had to drive by the legendary Bluebird Cafe. Now, I know that people "need to go there" when they visit Nashville, but I had it on good authority, that I would be disappointed. That couldn't have been more accurate...the cafe is part of a strip mall, and is next to a cleaner and a hair salon or something like that. The best part of the visit was that there was a Trader Joe's across the street, so I got my snacks for my drive to Louisville!

Don't get me wrong, if I ever have the chance to play there I'll do it...but I'm glad that I didn't spend time waiting in line or cramming to a table with strangers just so I could say I was there.

But here's the photo for you!

I made it to Louisville in just a few hours, and had a great time driving around and exploring the city. There is a lot to do in Louisville. One of the things that I didn't even think about...the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory! It was really cool. I've never seen so many bats in one place in my life! Plus they have a huge bat in front of the museum...I couldn't even fit it in one photo...but I used my amazing photo editing skills to fix that up for you...

Anyway, I had fun looking through parts of the museum, seeing the bat vault, and of course visiting the gift shop. I picked up some mini-bats for myself!

I also drove to the Thomas Edison house, which, I will admit, the location seemed a little sketchy at first, but I was happy that I went (even though it was closed). So here it is...if you plan on going there, get there before 2 p.m., just so you know. I had no idea, but apparently Thomas Edison lived here when he was 19 years old, and worked as a Telegraph Key Operator. He only stayed for a year or two, but he worked on some of his first inventions in this residence.

Another cool thing that they have going on throughout Louisville are these painted horses. I thought they were really nice. They had them in downtown Louisville, as well as some of the suburbs like Crescent Hill where I hung out for a few hours at a coffee shop called Heine Brothers. They have great food!

One more photo, and then I'll get you to the video...but I just wanted to show you. On the way to Stevie Ray's (which is downtown) I passed a blind printing house. How crazy is that? My favorite part of it...the front sign is in braille. Amazing.

Anyway, I made my way back to downtown Louisville to play at Stevie Ray's as the open mic feature. It was a lot of fun, I got to hear some really talented musicians, and I made some new friends! Gotta love that.

So, here's the video!

Now tonight, I'm playing at the Taj Mahal in Columbus, OH. I already scoped out the venue, met the bar manager, etc, so I'm ready to play!