Summer Tour 2010 - Day 25: St. Louis Part 1

I'm so happy to be in Missouri! I got to play in St. Louis last year, and had a great time visiting family (my dad's family lives here), so this year I decided to come and stay for two days! Thanks for putting up with me, everyone. :)

Anyway, as I left Iowa and pulled into Missouri yesterday, I had to take a picture of the sky. I have seen some of the most beautiful skies on this tour, and yesterday was no exception. Thought you'd like to see the picture!

The other funny photo I have...I saw a sign pointing to both Louisiana (that is not a tour stop) and to Mexico (I'll be heading there after the tour is over.) Thought that was kind of a funny sign combo. So there you go.

Last night I played at Stone Spiral in Maplewood, MO (just outside of St. Louis) and through a little luck, got to play with two other acts. It was a little women's music festival we ended up having! Anyway, I got to play with My Molly and Kara Bellavia, and we had a great time. I have the video to prove it!

Tonight I'm in downtown St. Louis at the Schlafly Tap Room with a bunch of other great acts. You won't want to miss this one!