Summer Tour 2010 - Day 24: Des Moines

This tour just keeps getting better and better! Each day I laugh more than the next. Anyway, last night I played at Java Joe's in Des Moines with a great blues singer/songwriter, Rob Lumbard. I had a lot of fun hearing his songs and talking with him about the music biz. He's been a musician all of his life, and has lived off of his music for the past 30 years! Not a bad guy to talk to.

Here's some video for you to check out...

Then last night I got to stay with my two friends Shannon and Bruce (actually Shannon used to be my babysitter when I was little, and I sang at their wedding, so we've known each other forever!) and I got to meet their cute son, Liam. He was so cute when he came to hear me sing, and he didn't want to be rude while Rob was singing, so if I asked him a little question, he would only whisper back the answers. It was awesome!

After walking Liam to school this morning, having a great conversation about the oil spill with Shannon (Quite enlightening actually since she's a Microbiology professor at Grinnell - the government should really call her. I think she could fix it.) I took off for St. Louis. I'll be there for two days singing and visiting family, and I can't wait!

See you there. K

ps...I drove around the's really nice!