Summer Tour 2010 - Day 23: Omaha

Hello there! Yesterday was a big driving day for me. I went from Denver to Omaha, and had to take a lot of breaks! I was a little bummed to be leaving Colorado because I had such a good time being back there and reconnecting with the place and my friends, so I took a parting shot of the Rockies through my window.

After a LONG drive, lots of phone calls, and lots of breaks to get snacks, I arrived in Omaha at the Benson Grind! I played a show with my friends Kyle ( and Becky, a.k.a. All Young Girls Are Machine Guns ( and we had a great night!

I took some video, so here it is:

I stayed with Kyle and his wife Gale last night, and after a great night of rest, this morning we went out to breakfast at Harold's, a local Omaha diner.

It's pretty well known because they shot a scene from "About Schmidt" in this diner. So we sat in the booth that Jack Nicholson sat in. Cool huh?

Anyway, today I have a shorter drive to Des Moines (only a few hours) and I'm playing at Java Joe's tonight. Can't wait!