Summer Tour 2010 - Day 22: Denver

A quick post tonight, as I'm feeling a little sleepy. So no video...I don't feel like editing! Anyway, I left my cozy post at the West Winds Motel this morning, and hit the road for Denver.

I passed through Cheyenne, WY, and decided to stop in and drive around, because I don't know when I'll ever get the chance again! Plus, I really needed an oil change, so it was good timing. I found the capital building, which was really nice, so it was worth the stop.

Now, I love Colorado. I lived out here for a few months after college, and it's such a beautiful place. I was really excited to come back!

As soon as I pulled into the state I stopped at the welcome center. At the CO welcome center in Fort Collins they give you a free hat for stopping in. So, I wore that baby all day long!

An hour later, I was in Boulder, which is the town that I actually lived in, so I took a stroll down Pearl Street, listened to some buskers, stopped in a few cool shops, and took a little break to do some e-mails. After my work was done, I took a tiny drive over to the Colorado University - Boulder campus, which is where Bryan studied history! I couldn't find the history building, but I did find this cool license plate, so that will have to do.

After visiting Boulder, I went down to Denver, checked out the area I was going to be playing in (which was really cute) and then made a mandatory stop at the HUGE REI in Denver. It was great! And I bought myself some Chaco's for hiking around in the jungle. Flip-flops just aren't cutting it anymore.

After all of that I played for a short set at the Mead Street Station. It was a lot of fun seeing some old friends, and I was so happy to play some of my new songs for them. Thanks to Anthony, Raquel, Carrie and Josh for coming out! And thanks to Tony, a great host for the evening.

I'm actually in Carrie and Josh's house right now, so I'm headed off to bed, as I have an 8 HOUR DRIVE TOMORROW THROUGH NEBRASKA. If any of you want to avoid some work - tomorrow would be a great day to call me.

See you tomorrow in Omaha at Benson Grind!