Summer tour 2010 - Day 21: Travel Day

Hi there! I have a video and a written blog today...they're pretty much the same, but there are a few differences, so watch, read, or do both!

Here's my video...

Today, I had to drop off Emma and Gaby at the airport so they could head home, and I could continue on my tour after our incredible week in Eagle Butte. Before leaving South Dakota, I thought it would be great to stop in at Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse...after all they were both right there!

So I drove up to Mount was raining a lot, so there weren't too many people there, and it made the presidents look like they were sweating, which I found kind of funny.

Then I went to Crazy Horse, which felt really great after spending this week on a Lakota reservation. Learning more about one of the great Lakota chiefs was a perfect driving break. Plus they let you have parts of the mountain, which I just think is cool!

This is what Crazy Horse looks like:

This is what it will look like:

And these are the rocks:

I didn't do much atlas checking before heading out this morning, so I was a little surprised when I crossed into Wyoming, but it was worth it. What a beautiful drive! You can see so far, and the sky was just amazing.

I sand a lot of "Home, Home on the Range".

I drove for as long as I could, but I started getting a little sleepy, so I pulled off in a small town called Wheatland. I found a great hotel, the owner told me the main streets for exploring, and I set out on a small Wheatland adventure. What did I come across? A dirt bike race! It was pretty cool. I actually got kind of into it.

Look at how high this guy went!

They had different heats for all different age groups, etc, and look at this little girl...she has a pink helmet with a mohawk on it! Everyone was cheering for her. She was just 9 years old!

I ended the evening by going back to the dirt bike grounds because they hosted the town fireworks there. It was really cold though, so I had to watch them from my car, but I was so glad that I got to catch a fireworks show!

Hope everyone had a great holiday, and I'll see you tomorrow in Denver.