Buddy Jones

We can all learn something from dogs. They are loyal, funny, open-minded, and really enjoy the simple things (read: food!) in life. This week we had to say good-bye to our dear friend Buddy, and we miss him so much. I know it's a sappy thing to write about, but I don't care. I know there are enough dog-lovers out there who can relate. To keep myself from getting too mushy, I'll stick to photos. If you feel like thinking a little happy thought for him as you look at them, it will definitely be appreciated.

Buddy loved people, and his tail would go in circles the moment you walked through a door. He was very protective, and also a little jealous, so he wasn't a huge fan of other dogs. For some reason, last summer when he met Marley, the two of them clicked. I think it was because Marley left him alone most of the time.

Buddy was an athlete. Just kidding. But seriously, one of his favorite summer past-times? Swimming! And he was good. Here's an action shot of him tracking down a tennis ball.

Buddy was a chill dude, but every once in a while he liked a good party. (Seriously, we did give this dog a hard time!)

And of course when Buddy had a little down time, he really enjoyed checking in on his portfolio and other business affairs.

Thank you for giving me a moment to celebrate the life of a great dog.

I'll leave you with the words of a great bumper sticker...

Bark less, wag more, Kristen