A lot of good goin' on!

To celebrate Earth Day, I thought I'd pass on a few things in an earth themed blog. First of all, I'm playing this Sunday at the Fairfield University Earth Week Fair, and I'm so excited! The concert starts around 4 p.m. and it's going to be held outside on the campus center patio. I go on around 5:30 p.m. Should be a great evening!

More news...I've been in the studio recording some new songs, and it's going really well. One of them is a song that I'll be performing this Sunday for the first time. Most of the recording will be done by the end of the next week, which means that I'm actually sticking to a timeline for this project. Amazing!

As I've told you before, my new CD is based on and inspired by hope. Because of this, it's been easy to talk about. It's already been featured on the SuperForest blog as a part of Sunday Sunshine.

Of course, I've also been looking at t-shirt designs (organic cotton, of course!) and will be seeing a rough version of the CD cover on Friday. I'll keep you posted as the project continues, and hopefully I can post another new song soon!

With all of this great stuff going on in my professional life, I want to add to that by telling you about a few things that I've been watching and reading in my spare time. I've never been a meat-lover, and after watching Food Inc. (which is long over due, Blockbuster has already called me twice), reading Harvest for Hope (Jane Goodall) and The Kind Diet (Alicia Silverstone), I'm not sure I'll ever go back. I was a vegetarian for years during high school and college, but didn't do enough research or diet planning. These books provide delicious recipes (it's been dangerous - I've been cooking!) and I've been doing a lot of reading on a balanced plant-based diet.

I know that a vegan lifestyle isn't for everyone, but during my reading and research I came across a website that talks about people going vegetarian one day a week. If you're interested in the effects that this would have on animals, the earth, and your health, then visit wannaveg.com. If this isn't for you, no worries, just please be careful. Read labels and ask questions, and if you're up for it - try a veggie day once a week. Who knows...you might love it!

The other thing I started to do - compost! Now, we live in a city and don't have even one plant, but it's still pretty fun to play with dirt. If you're looking for an easy way to start composting, look here.

I think that's all of the preaching that I have for today. Happy, happy earth day! Go for a walk, hug a tree, or if you're stuck inside in front of a computer for a little while - put this video on in the background. I promise it will make you smile.

Have a great day, Kristen