Happy Thoughts...

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to post a quick blog on this rainy Tuesday (we're having some dampness here in CT) about having some good thoughts. First thought...I'm posting some details on my tour today, so scroll through my shows on KristenGraves.com and keep track of when I'll be in your town! I still have some work to do, but I should be able to get all of the details wrapped up pretty soon.

Actually, just now as I was typing, I got a phone call from Java Joe's in Des Moines, IA confirming my show on July 7. So things are working out!

Besides my tour, I have some more news. Recently I was introduced to a few positive blogs by my friend Matt. Since I'm working so much on this recording project it's pretty much all that I can talk or think about. As many of you know, it's based on hope. Having hope, giving hope, inspiring hope...because I think that's what the world needs right now. Anyway, as we were talking about happy things, Matt mentioned his own blog: The Sun Shines On, and one that he reads regularly: Super Forest.

I highly recommend visiting both blogs, especially for that kumbayah feeling that I so enjoy. Both blogs are great, and post interesting and positive entries with videos, photos, poetry, etc. Here's an example for you. Check out 13-year-old, Sunha Jung, playing Come Together. He will blow you away!

Amazing, right? Would I lie to you?

Have a great day, KG