Two cool things.

I love a lot of things, but I will focus on just two things for tonight because it is late, and I'm reading a book that I really want to finish. 1. I love having my name/photo in the paper. It always leads to good things. Here I am in the Middletown Press as a part of the promotion that they put on for the 5Arts2010. Thanks, Middletown Press!

2. I love cool jewelry, especially when it's old or has a story. Bryan gave me a cool ring today, just because he thought I would like it (awww....) it's not old, but it does have a story, and it's cool, so there you have it.

Just wanted to keep you in the love loop. Oh yes, and I have many loving feelings for all of you. I'm hitting the studio tomorrow, and I'll definitely let you know how everything goes!

Sleep tight, K