Tour planning, and more Mexico pics!

Hey everyone, I know I wrote so much about my trip to Mexico in the last blog, but I just can't help it. Before I get into the work that we did this past week, let me just tell you that I have some amazing tour plans coming together. I am so excited!

I've been booking some great rooms (Uncommon Ground in Chicago, Club Cafe in Pittsburgh, The Brink Lounge in Madison, The Walnut Room in Denver, and the list goes on and on!) and I've been setting up some shows with great people. I'm going to announce the final details sometime this week or next, so stay tuned.

Of course, all of this is subject to change, but so far, here is a city itinerary:

6/14 ~ Harrisburg, PA 6/15 ~ Pittsburgh, PA 6/16 ~ Cleveland, OH 6/17 ~ Chicago, IL 6/18 ~ Madison, WI 6/19 ~ Green Bay, WI 6/20 ~ Green Bay, WI 6/21 ~ Minneapolis, MN 7/1 ~ Eagle Butte, SD 7/4 ~ Rapid City, SD 7/5 ~ Denver, CO 7/6 ~ Lincoln, NE 7/7 ~ Des Moines, IA 7/8 ~ St. Louis, MO 7/9 ~ St. Louis, MO 7/10 ~ Nashville, TN 7/11 ~ Nashville, TN 7/12 ~ Louisville, KY 7/13 ~ Columbus, OH 7/14 ~ Reading, PA 7/15 ~ Philadelphia, PA 7/16 ~ Princeton, NJ 7/17 ~ New York, NY

How great is that going to be?! I'm getting really excited about it, and I'll be keeping you all in the loop as things continue to work out. Not to mention, I've been spending some time in the studio, and it looks like I'm going to have a new EP to help promote the tour as well...what's next - t-shirts? I think so!

As for this last trip to Mexico, we spent some time in the city of Oaxaca visiting friends from past projects, and spent the second half of the week in the jungle, hosting a food distribution party. It was amazing, and 2,963 people came through the line to receive food for the month. It was pretty incredible. Below are some pictures, since I'm sure you're dying to check it out. For more info, you can visit the Simply Smiles website.

Talk to you again soon - and stay tuned for summer tour details. I'm coming your way! Kristen

That's a whole lotta food.

Who wouldn't want to work hard to help feed this little cutie pie?

I had the best job. I was the one who got to let everyone through the door when it was their turn. Of course, I was supplied with a microphone, so I sang a few little songs as well. Too bad I only know one Spanish song, and most of the people there didn't know it...

We caught this little grandma grabbing a balloon to bring home...we all need to have some fun!

Everyone was so happy to be going through the line...there were a lot of hand shakes, and a lot of smiles!!

Thanks again for checking in...I'll be in touch again soon about my tour, and I'll definitely keep you posted on how the new CD is turning out.

Take care, K