Why Ed Graves is awesome.

Here is a list (an incomplete list) of why my father, Ed Graves, is absolutely awesome. He used to do chores off of my list in exchange for piano songs.

He taught me how to water ski.

He makes jokes that no one understands.

He taught me how to create and stick to a family budget (he is an accountant after all).

When I came home with new songs after my first year of college he shook his head and told me 'you're gonna make it.'

When I introduced him to Bryan, he couldn't wait to tell me what a 'nice fellow' he was.

When I obsessively started going to Mexico during college to volunteer at Casa Hogar, he supported me every. single. time.

When any other female artist comes on the radio he exclaims that they're not as good as I am and promptly puts in one of my CDs.

He's a fantastic organic gardener.

We are the only two people left who call my brother David.

He loves country music. Especially the old stuff.

He drives a John Deere tractor.

He has run marathons.

He watches crime shows with me.

He did not get upset when I balked at the idea of being 'given away' at my wedding. Even though I'm his only daughter. And loved the idea of us walking down the aisle as a family, after Bryan walked down with his mother as a family.

He sent me a piece of mail every day when I was in college. Usually with a few $ inside for a cookie.

He shares my insane love for popcorn.

He not only puts up with my crazy dreams, but thinks they're perfect and absolutely attainable.

He is the nicest and cutest registered Republican in the world. The party could and absolutely should learn a lot from him. Though he's now joined the Just Be Nice Party, so they've missed out.

He has a refrigerator full of beer and wine. And stocks it when I'm coming for a visit.

He loves bonfires, and might be a pyromaniac (in a good way).

He loves the water and walking on the beach with his daughter.


Love you dad. Have a happy birthday. I wish I was there. K