Saying goodbye...

I know I've been talking a lot about my new piano lately. I'm aware that it's only exciting for me, but I just have one more little story...

When I first moved to this area of Connecticut, the Dumke family asked if I needed a piano. They had extras, had gotten their hands on another, and though we had just met - they offered it to me.

I had been playing my keyboard and loving it just fine, but I jumped at the chance to have a real piano.

My own real piano.

Their gift made me so so happy.

I had just come to the realization that, try as I might, I could not give up music for Simply Smiles. It made me miserable. So I was back to music and shows and writing songs.

So the timing was perfect.

I played more piano in those initial weeks and months than I had in years. I wrote tons of songs on the thing - from Back to Piano, to Montreal, to Trouble…the songs just kept coming.

When we moved, the piano obviously came along. In our current house I've written more songs, I play more music, and I even taught lessons on this piano for a while. Moving On, Sky, Your Song, they were all written on this piano too.

I owe this 60-year-old piano a lot of gratitude. It may just seem like a thing (which I know it is) but it is a thing that I have used and loved for six years.

Where is it going? Now is my chance to give.

I'm sending this piano to the home of two of my little piano students. It will continue to make beautiful music, it will still be loved, and it will be well-used.

Thanks to all of you who are helping me with this new piano - I can't wait to post new videos, write new songs, and write on this beautiful instrument every day.

I'll post photos as soon as it's here! K