Photo shoot woes

Hello, hello! It's been raining for a few days- so I figured I'd stay inside and write a blog today - I hope that you're able to find something cozy to do too!

I have taken care of my morning routine; tweeting, face booking, writing, e-mails, and now I'm stalling before I get to the running portion of the morning.  I went running in the pouring rain yesterday because it felt a little adventurous!  Today - it just feels annoying...but I'll go, I promise.

Anyway, as I've been sitting here deciding what else I could possibly do to procrastinate, I remembered that I'm having a photo shoot this Saturday.  Now, of course, I started daydreaming about how amazing it's going to be, how great the photos are going to turn out - really I had thought of something along the lines of this:

When, in all honesty, I'm probably going to end up with some photos that look like this:

Anyway, that's been my thought process of the day - anyone have any silly photos that they'd like to send me?  I'd love that:

Enjoy the rain!