Keep Hope Alive...

What's so great about being a songwriter?  Sometimes, you're driving your car down the road, you get a song idea and you sing it all the way home just so you don't forget it. Then, you burst through the door, grab your guitar and a notepad and shut the bedroom door so that no one distracts you as you get the words and notes on paper.

That's exactly how I wrote, 'Keep Hope Alive', 3 years ago, and that song changed my life.

After writing that song, I realized that I could tell the stories of my friends at the children's home, the garbage dump, the jungle and the reservation in an honest way, and in an honorable way.  That night, changed my life forever.

Being inspired by our friends that we work with through Simply Smiles is nothing new, and tonight proves that yet again.

What is tonight?  I'm so glad you asked!

Tonight is Simply Smiles' big annual fundraiser, called Keep Hope Alive.  It's an evening where Bryan explains the upcoming projects that will support our friends around the world - and generous donors pledge their support.

And yet, it's more than that.  It's a chance for people who think the same way, who believe in hope, who are generous with their time, spirit, and gifts, to all get together and celebrate the fact that we are making the world better.

I don't mean to sound arrogant at all, but it's undeniable - we are making the world better.  And that's what tonight is all about.  When we come together, we're stronger, and when we work together - actual change happens.

I can't wait!  Hope to see you there! Kristen are the details...

Keep Hope Alive (it's free!) at the Pequot Library 720 Pequot Ave Southport, CT 06890