As we turn another page...

I made another end-of-the-year, holiday card this year - so if you haven't seen it yet, please click below.

I know it's super trendy to talk about resolutions, but the timing is so appropriate! A new year, a fresh start, it just sounds so appealing! This isn't a resolution blog, per se, but it does include some things that I've learned in 2011.

This year some of my lessons learned have been HARD. I've learned that sometimes when people disagree with you - they might be really rude, that sometimes when people don't want to admit that they're wrong - they might lie, and when you make a change, even when it's for all of the right reasons - someone is going to be upset.

I've also learned some beautiful lessons this year. I've learned that when you think things are getting too rough - someone will show up at that moment and lighten the load (chances are they've always been there - it just wasn't as obvious before), that death is always sad - but a friend's legacy will inspire you to be a better person, and when you ask for support when pursuing a worthy cause, even in a down economy - friends and family will always give what they can.

In my lessons this year - I have to say that the beautiful definitely outweigh the hard. :)

With that said, I always feel like things can get better. I mean, if I'm not trying to be better every year, aren't I kind of missing the point? So, feel free to hold me on this, I'm making a few resolutions, and I'd even like to challenge you to join me in them:

First...and this is the hardest one...when I disagree with someone whether it be a political, religious, equality, etc. issue, I will try to be calm and respectful. It is important to be passionate about what you believe, and it's also important to realize that everyone else is just as passionate about his or her beliefs. And I'd ask that people keep this in mind on Facebook...where it seems people are much more brazen with their comments than they ever are in person.

Second, even when it would be easier or more comfortable for me to lie - honesty is the right answer. There are ways to be honest and kind, so finding that balance is going to be a goal of mine for 2012.

And last, I need to be more flexible and embrace change - because there's no way to stop it!

Above all of these of course, is the general idea to be good. Be better. To keep evolving into a more understanding, more compassionate person. And maybe on days when I'm 'less evolved' I should just stick with my dog.

Have a great holiday vacation - whichever holiday you call yours, and I'll see you in the new year!

Best, Kristen