Here's my summer video!

The video pretty much sums up the last few months, but there are a few stats that I couldn't fit in there...

Miles Traveled: 6,794

Oil Changes: 2

Shows Played: 45

Days on the Road: 43

Cities Visited: 34

Photos Taken: 331

Earthquakes: 1

Furthermore, here are some things I learned on the road this year - and just crazy stuff that happened…

- Do NOT let Chip sleep peacefully in the car all the way to a new town.  He will NOT fall asleep that night.

- Sharing shows with friends is ALWAYS the right answer.

- Farmers Markets just might save the world.

- Places with crazy names like: Barking Spider, Dancing Rabbit, Purple Fiddle, Smoke Daddy, Laughing Goat…always check them out!

- When you're in a heat wave and really tired - get a hotel room with AC.  Totally worth it.

- I still sleep really well when I'm sleeping in my old room at my parents' house.  I feel really safe there.

- Chip LOVES to swim.  And will do it until you stop him.  Or until he dies.

- 'Back to Piano' does not sound good on the guitar.

- House concerts are my new favorite venue.

- Wyoming is really beautiful.

- I got offered pot a lot of times this tour.  Must be the hair.

- Cowboy boots are awesome.

- When someone invites you to a flea market called "The Dog & Gun" definitely go.  Bring your dog.  Or your gun.

- When you have a chance to attend a moon ritual with a bunch of hippies…do it.

- Nashville actually appreciates non-country musicians!!

- Small towns are sometimes the best towns to play in.  Hello, Thomas, WV!

- Even if you haven't seen someone for 10 years, if you're in town, call them.  It will be fun.

- Earthquakes really freak people out.  So do hurricanes.  Go figure.

- My brother and brother-in-law are really nice to me.  And really like my dog.

- If you see your friend getting arrested in front of the white house, take a picture and send it to him.  It's only fair.

- When you're in Asbury Park and someone asks you who your favorite musician is, say 'Bruce'.

- Sleeping in your own bed is sometimes exactly what you need.

And now, on to the HUGE list of thank you's.  This tour would be impossible to do all on my own.  I stay with friends, or friends of friends, play with other musicians, and harass venues until they'll give me an answer about a date.  To all of these people (in semi-alphabetical order), the booking agents, couch hosts, musical guests, and show attendees, I am soooo grateful and cannot thank you enough!

Thanks to Bryan, David, Susan, Gaby and Chip for keeping me company along the way.

Thanks to the Bookers & Venues: Alan & The Havana Exchange Market, Alex & Kavarna, Ben, Jen & the Stockwell/Dotson House Concert Series, Bob & Music Row on Mason Show (Harmony Cafe), Christina & Mill Mountain Coffee (Daleville), Christine Frechard Gallery, Chuck & Heine Bros (Longest Ave), Deanna & Harmony Cafe, Debi & The Commodore, Dechen & The Laughing Goat, Doc & The Bunganut Pig, Elizabeth & The Brink Lounge, Genna & The Barking Spider, Greg, Tracy & The West Shore Farmers Market, Jan, Bob & The Cup O Joy, Janet, Doug, Donna & The Oakmont Market, Jeff & Broadway Farmers Market, Jennifer & Downtown Roanoke Market, Jesse & West End Farmers Market, John & The Purple Fiddle, Keith & Triumph Brewery, Kent & Calvary Lutheran Church, Kris, Roy & The Corner Store, Kyle, Gail & Tuesday Together, Lakota Community Center in La Plant, Leslie & Asbury Park Carousel Market, Linda & Ritual Cafe, Luke & The Java House, Lynne & The Hartung Park Farmers Market, Madeline, Jon & The Raven Lounge, Mark & The Camel, Matt & The Crimson Frog, Matt, Mel & Benders, Melissa & Rochambo Coffee, Michael & Chicago Acoustic Underground, Mo & MoKaBe's, Rachel, Nathan & Dancing Rabbit, Sara @ Road Work & Googie's Lounge, Tarik & Smoke Daddy, The Hinsa/Leasure Home, Tiffani & The Pittsburgh Public Market, and Winsome & Coal Creek Coffee.

Thanks to all of my lovely hosts: Aunt LaDonna & Uncle Jim, Chris & Amanda, Emma's fab roommates, Holly & Josh, Joan & The Wolters, Joy, Kyle & Gail, Lindsey & Jon, Mark & Karen, Mom & Dad, Nicole, Rob, Ryan & Kerry, Shannon, Bruce, Liam & Rose, The Purple Fiddle, Timothy, Ty, and Uncle Sonny & Aunt Ardie.

Thanks to all of my amazing co-musicians: 37 Years, Alanna Fugate, Anna Laube, Benjamin Olson, Celia, Doug & Telisha Williams, Heather Kropf & Keith Hershberger, Heatherlyn, Jazzformation, Jessica Dawn, John Statz, Joy Ike, Heather Kropf, Brooke Annibale, Justin St. Thomas, Kevin Skolnik, Kyle Knapp, Lorie Anna, Matt Davies, Rob Lumbard, Sam Yield, Susan Lori, The Hillbilly Gypsies, Tom Evanchuck & Vicki Lynn.

And thanks to all of my animal friends - who are now Chip's friends. He would have been so bored without: Bear, Girl & Rufus, Buddy & Haley, Buffy, Cindy Lou & Daisy Mae, Dug, Emmy, Gus & Andy, Frannie, Leo, Moishe, Molly, Riley & Earl, Sammy and Tess.

As I continue to say - I cannot thank all of you enough for everything that you do to help me live this crazy dream!  I love it and I love you!  I will keep singing and writing the best songs that I can.  That's the only way I have to thank you, and I hope that you feel honored.

Lots of love,