Summer Tour 2010 - Days 8-16: Minneapolis & Eagle Butte!

Hi there! It's been a LONG time since I've posted something, and I'm so sorry. I've been crazy busy during this week with these 41 hard-working volunteers. If only I were working with a lazy group I may have had a little time to myself...

Anyway, here are my video clips from this past week. I played in Minneapolis with some new friends: Heatherlyn and Benjamin was great! I got to see so many Oles! (St. Olaf grads, for those of you who don't know.)

As for the work week out here in South Dakota, it has been going really well. We've been doing some home repairs in the neighborhood that we've been staying in, and we've been using the Boys & Girls Club to host a summer camp all week long. We've gotten to hang out with over 60 kids, which I've been told is pretty great! So, we're feeling pretty good about that.

Enjoy the video...

We've also been working VERY hard, as I already mentioned, on some of the homes in the neighborhood. It's been cool to get to know who our friends are along Dupree Street, and it's always fun to get a project or two done in the process.

Here are our work crews!

It was a great work week, and it was a great grounding week for myself. I don't want to take any chances of getting big-headed while on the road, so taking a week off to work for someone else was a great plan!

I'll have a special performance video for you soon!