Summer tour 2010 - Day 6 & 7: Green Bay!

Coming home is always so great! I had a lot of fun hanging out with my family, playing all of my new songs for them, singing at my favorite listening room (Cup O Joy), and spending some time at my parents' cottage relaxing. I had a great show at the Cup O Joy, and SURPRISE, Bryan showed up in Madison on Friday night so that he could be there for my Cup O Joy show. What a good boy. He took a lot of great video, which you'll see below.

Besides singing on this tour. I love getting to connect with friends and family along the way. This includes my 18-year-old frog, George. (There's a bit more about him in the video.)

As I mentioned a family, we went out to my parents' cottage to have a father's day cookout.

And at the end of the night...we saw this.

It was so great to have an afternoon and evening off! Enjoy the video, and I'll see you in Minneapolis!