Thank You!

It has been too long since my last blog post! As I’m sure you can imagine, after tour was over, I was pretty ready to turn off my computer and walk everywhere! Driving and typing were my biggest activities on tour – besides singing of course. I am happy to let you know that I’m already planning my next tours (that’s right, I’m going for more than one next year) and I’ve been happy to be home and back to the notepad. I’ve got some new songs in the works, local shows booked, and life is good! I do need to take care of some unfinished business before I can tell you about all of the new things going on. The first thing I need to do…thank everyone! I had such a great summer tour, and I owe the success to a LOT of people.

Just to name a few…many, many thanks to those who booked me, hosted me, and served me: Matt Glasser and The Tavern Downtown staff, Judy Watts, Daniel Chase, Jose Docen, Frank Martin, Joann Joseph, “Ma” the bartender, Vanessa Malone, my fabulous husband, mom, dad, brother, Andrew @ Las Vetas (and the fantastic baristas!), Steve Opgenorth, Terry & Hard Bean friends, Heather Kropf, Randy, Joy Ike, Mark Wilson, Host Bob and staff at Acoustic Café, Jim Snively, Charlie & Jackie Brown, Randy Martin, The Rider Inn staff, Luke & Julia Harris, Mason Green and friends at The Bourgeois Pig, Elizabeth Brink and friends at The Brink Lounge, Jan & The Cup O’ Joy Staff, Kent Paulsen and the staff at Calvary Lutheran, Denise Weidner, Eric Dobbertin, Jean Salzman & Bob, Amy and the staff @ Java Joe’s, Left Bank Books – Shane, and all of the poets, Aunt LaDonna, Uncle Jim, Chris & Amanda, Bobby Klein, friends at Vic’s in Columbus, and Bill and staff at D’Vine!

Whew! I’m sure I’m forgetting a few people…so I need to thank everyone who came out and supported me along the way – I appreciate you so much!

Since returning home from my tour, I haven’t taken much down time, so that I could keep my momentum going. Here are a few highlights:

My friend Chris ( headlined at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC! It was a great show, stop in and visit his website for a listen. Chris @ Bowery I performed for the first time in D.C. I sang at Vermillion in Alexandria, VA to be exact. Afterward I did my best to track down the president, who was addressing Congress, but apparently they don’t let ‘just anyone’ into those meetings. DC capital And lastly…I competed in (but didn’t quite win) the New England Megastar Competition at The Big E in Springfield, MA. It was a great experience and I got to perform “Trouble” in front of a huge audience, with a full band! I had a lot of fun, and can brag that I was a finalist in the biggest competition in this part of the country. Not too bad! (P.S. I'll have a video posted on youtube as soon as I can.) NE Megastar Anyway, things keep moving, and I’ll have much more to report as we head into the cooler months, so until then – stay well!