Last day in Pittsburgh...

So last night I arrived in Pittsburgh, and as you know, the first thing I did was head to a coffee shop and post my blog. After that I made it over to my friend Heather's house. We talked business for a while, since she is taking a tour this September out to the west coast. We had fun exchanging ideas, contacts, etc. By the way, you should check out her music at:, and let any coasties know that she's coming.

We took off for D'Vine soon after I arrived and pulled up to a really interesting place. D'Vine is really nice, and it has a cool, classy feel inside, but it's a part of a strip mall. So from the outside, it's kind of an interesting layout. Once you come through the doors though, it has a great feel.

Anyway, Heather and I loaded everything inside, and I took a picture of our names on the sign! You know I love to do that, and I couldn't help but do it just one more time... name on board We switched off playing sets to a small, but attentive crowd, and got to eat some good food. The sound system was excellent, and the lights and atmosphere really fit our sound. Here's picture of Heather playing! Heather Our friend Joy came with some people to add to the audience, so that was nice. Instead of taking a set break with house music, which was our original plan, we just had Joy come up and play a few songs instead. It was nice to hear her again...and you should check out her music too!

Today I will be driving from Pittsburgh to Westport. It's a long haul, so I've planned a stop to visit family in Harrisburg along the way. Hopefully that will split the drive up well! I'll post all of my thank you's, and repost friend's websites either tonight or tomorrow. I need to acknowledge a lot of people, and hopefully introduce all of you to some new independent musicians! See you in CT!