The Unity Concert in the Black Hills ~ 2015

Last summer, I played at Lincoln Center as a part of SeegerFest. It was one of the highlights of my career. Playing with Pete Seeger back in 2013 opened so many doors for me.

The folk world is a wonderful and welcoming community, once someone has vouched for you. Just like in any other job, you need time to build relationships and connections before people will truly give you a shot.

Pete Seeger gave me a shot.

So last summer, walking off the stage at Lincoln Center, honoring one of my heroes, I was tapped on the shoulder by a gentleman waiting to tell me that I was ‘spectacular’. 

That gentleman was Peter Yarrow.

Peter and I have since become friends. We’ve shared the stage a half a dozen times over the last year, have exchanged emails and phone calls, and I love spending time with him and learning from him.

This weekend, he invited me to join him at the Unity Concert in the Black Hills, which is a three day music festival organized by his daughter, Bethany.

When he found out that I was still in South Dakota, he invited the children from La Plant’s music camp to join the stage for the grand finale!

So…we got to work.

We figured out some logistics with the bus, practiced day after day, handed out permission slips, assigned chaperones, etc, and ‘Operation Unity Concert’ was launched.

14 kids from the little tiny town of La Plant on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation closed out the Unity Concert in the Black Hills by leading a heart-warming, inspiring and energetic sing-along.

I am so proud of them.

They are so proud of themselves.

And the entire town is abuzz with what these kids just did.

Thank you to Peter, Bethany, and the entire Unity Concert staff for making these kids’ first concert experience one that they will never ever forget.

We are grateful.

Together as one.

Arriving together on the big red bus.

Practicing out behind the tipis before taking the stage! 

The kids sang their hearts out.

After the show - lots of smiles!