When do we change?

I sang at my first elementary school today. I've done small performances before, but just one or two songs. Today was my first official program.

I talked with the kids about folk music, and troubadours and Pete Seeger, and it was awesome. (Thank goodness, because I was super nervous! Who knew 7 year-olds could be so intimidating?)

But these kids are kings and queens of the just be nice party.

Seeing these sweet faces look up at me as we sang about peace and hope- I thought- when do we turn?

When do we change into cynical people?

And can we change back?

I believe we can.

And I believe we owe it to our kids to be more like them in that way.

When talking about taking care of the planet, they came up with idea after idea of how we can conserve energy and produce less waste.

There was no political debate on global warming.

When we talked about ways that we can all look out for one another, they had such genuinely kind things to say- and other students nodded in agreement.

There was no discussion of whether or not the person in need deserved our help.

This openness should be celebrated and encouraged, not squashed out.

Let's be more like the second graders at Osborn Hill today. They are my new heroes.

Be kind, Kristen