Vermont, jogging and Grace Potter

I'm up in Vermont for the weekend with a bunch of shows. Tonight I don't play until 9 at Radio Bean, so I had time today to get some work done and go for a jog. I love jogging in new towns because it gives me a chance to stop and see things that I'd blow past if I were driving.

And though I'm very agains running with my phone, today I brought it along because I wanted to make sure that I could take a picture if I saw a moose!

It was a moose-less jog, but it was amazing, so I'm glad I broke my rule and had my phone along.

After I was done, and the rain had stopped, I hung out in the park to record a video of me singing a Grace Potter song. I hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend, Kristen

The beautiful running/biking path.

He's no moose, but it was still cool to bump into turtle man!

Hope you enjoy the song!