Six years ago...

Six years ago I flew to Oaxaca, Mexico for one hour. It was an exciting day, Gaby was coming to the U.S.

I didn't sleep on the plane (in either direction) because I was nervous of all of the things that could still go wrong.

But we made it.

We landed in JFK to a very excited Bryan, and we rushed home so that we could all celebrate.

We celebrated with pizza.

Since then... (In no particular order)

Gaby has come on tour with me.

Bryan and I got married. (Gaby was there.)

Gaby has learned the crazy ways of this country.

Gaby mastered English.

Gaby graduated from Norwalk Community College. (I stood on a chair and yelled.)

We got Chip.

We started working on the Cheyenne River Reservation...all of us. Together.

We moved.

Gaby started business school at Sacred Heart.

And last, but not least, for yet another summer- Gaby will dedicate her entire vacation to serving our friends on the CRST Reservation as everyone's favorite chef.

Our family is our family. It would not be complete if we weren't all together.

Happy six years!


Filling out paperwork to start classes at NCC! (I still have that sweater...)


The questions that I gave Gaby to practice! Homework...