I run...because my computer is a piece of crap.

I'm working on emails today. It is a slow process, and it's totally my fault. I've ignored responding to email for almost a week, and I can just now (after two days) feel the weight of hundreds of emails lifting off of my shoulders. Why am I telling you this? Not because I don't like communicating with people...I really enjoy that part of my job. You know this. If you've ever come to one of my shows, you know I'm always the last one to leave the room. I can talk until a stone is blue in the face.

No...my frustration with email is that my computer is SLOW. It's a MacBook Pro, a few years old, the battery doesn't hold a charge - say what you will about Apple, I know they make cool products, but they don't make these products to last.

I recognize that my computer is on its way out - I back it up religiously so that I can use it until the last possible minute - but we're getting close to the end.

So on days like today, when it takes 20 minutes to print something because my computer is too slow to open up the printer connection, I think ahead to the jog that I'm going to take this afternoon.

I used to hate running. I'm not fast. I know I look funny. But something changed last summer and I started to enjoy myself. Now I can't get enough!

On days when you're ready to throw your computer, phone, desk, co-worker out the window - resist! Running (walking, yoga, lifting weights) is always the right answer, and you'll feel so much better than you would if you ended up in jail for punching your boss. Or if you're self-employed, well...yep, that would hurt too.

Happy jogging everyone, and may your computers all be faster than mine, Kristen